Adam Luksetich - treble guitar
Grant Jackson - bass guitar
Colin Samek - voice
Joe Milik - drum set
Andy Buch - treble guitar

Hailing from the landlocked state of Iowa in the Midwest, BIG BOX was formed in 2010 with the idea of creating a band that sounded like equal parts punk, grunge and black metal. After recording a 5 track demo cassette in early 2011, the band re-tooled it's line up and added another guitarist to help thicken it's sound. Working hard over the next year by playing shows and writing a fresh batch of songs with this new line-up, the band entered Iowa's Flat Black Studios in January of 2012 to record their debut LP. The outcome of these recordings is a heavier and clearer representation of the band's sound and message. BIG BOX will kick your fucking ass.