Ralf Schaarschmidt - treble guitar, voice
Gernot Schad - bass guitar
Helge Gumpert - drum set

Buzz Rodeo represent the latest project by music super fanatic and all around good guy, Ralf Schaarschmidt. The Stuttgart trio capably blend equal parts noise and melody in a fine manner. Steady providers of mid-tempo, the trio deliver an abrasive post-punk sound worthy of repeated spins. 

Says Built On A Weak Spot:

Buzz Rodeo is a band that I already felt rather familiar with despite not hearing a single note prior to the groups debut album Sports. The reason being that it contains member Ralf Schmidt, who has a notable past in bands like Bhang Dextro, Are We Electric?, Mink Stole and Tiger Shower Caps…all of which have shared some common traits…one constant being that they were noisy to some degree or another. With Buzz Rodeo, I’d say that it’s easily the most post-hardcore influenced project that Mr. Schmidt has taken part in, as Sports wastes little space and time while blowing through eleven tracks of furiously paced jagged rock jams that is in line with groups like Fatal Flying Guilloteens, early-Call Me Lightning, Bear Claw, and of course Drive Like Jehu. If that’s what you’re looking for then you’ll likely find Sports to be a solidly consistent effort. It’s likely not going to surprise, but it by no means disappoints and is worth the run through if this is within the realm of musical interest to those out there.

Says 10 Fucking Stars:

This German band reminds me of the ‘90s so much that I’m shocked the music is coming out of mp3s and not a cassette. That was my first impression. My second was that Buzz Rodeo sounds kinda like Shellac, but mostly reminds of STNNNG. The Stuttgart trio doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it also doesn’t try to cover their weaknesses with being balls-out crazy, like a poor man’s Pissed Jeans. It stands out in a positive way among the contemporary wave of noise rock bands. 11 good songs – they probably wouldn’t be hurt by some Electrical Audio production. 

Says Shiny Grey Monotone:

Start with 'Umber' era Bitch Magnet, then work in a less mathy version of Trumans Water, a less bass-y and staccato version of Shellac, some Six Finger Satellite, and give it a bit of that Midwest Big'n drive. It comes out very "nineties", but as a compliment, in so much as the nineties put a fine point on what post-hardcore music sounds like, with it's noise rock and math rock and indie rock, and rock rock and all that. Buzz Rodeo is a throw back for sure, but they've thrown back to a particular sweet spot in contemporary music, so I'm not complaining. Very well played, very well balanced, and very enjoyable all the way around. Highly recommended.

Says Staticfraction:

Aggressive, powerful, frantic, scratching and clawing rock. Pure energy thwacking you in the skull and kicking you in the stumps! You'll find some buzzsaw sounds on this tasty treat similar to Shellac, Sonic Youth, Drive Like Jehu. So if'n yer into to those bands and good things to make your day better, then chug this down pronto.